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A Guide To Hospital Bed Hire

Woburn Ultimate Bariatric Profiling Bed

A Guide To Hospital Bed Hire

Do you or someone you care for require mobility products for day-to-day life or when travelling?

Whether you need equipment in the short-term after an accident or you are looking for increased comfort over the long-term, Strive Mobility can help you. Renting vital equipment may better suit your needs and your finances than buying outright.

In this guide to hospital bed rental, we help you to find the bed that is right for you or your loved one. We talk about the different types of beds available, who they can help, and the benefits they offer.

What are hospital beds?

Hospital bed

Hospital beds are specifically designed for patients in health care settings and people at home with specific health needs. They are usually electric and typically have special features, including adjustable height for the head, the feet, and the entire bed. They can also have adjustable side rails and a remote control to operate the bed. These features are designed for both the comfort of the occupant and for the accessibility of healthcare workers or those tending to the patient.

In spite of the name, hospital beds are not just used in hospital wards. They are also used in other health care settings such as outpatient clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and also personal homes.

Who are they for?

SD2 Safety Featured Wheelchair


Ordinary bed and mattress manufacturers do not tend to make products that cater for those with limited mobility. If you or someone you love struggles to get in and out of a standard bed due to old age, an accident, a disability, or an illness a profiling bed may help. If you or someone you love has had an extended stay in a hospital, doctors may recommend a hospital bed to make the adjustment and transfer home easier.

Hospital beds benefit caregivers as well as patients. When someone is providing care for a loved one, they are more likely to develop musculoskeletal injuries from bending over the bed to assist with duties like changing position of the patient and bathing. The adjustable height that electric beds provide can relieve unnecessary strain for caregivers, so they can tend to patients at an appropriate height.

Are you a caregiver deliberating whether renting a hospital bed is necessary? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you providing bathing or incontinence care?
  • Are you conscious about keeping your loved one and yourself safe when assisting them in and out of bed?
  • Does the person who requires the bed need to sleep with their feet or head elevated? (Patients with broken legs and ankles, etc. may need to make use of the elevation features designed to aid their recovery.)

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to hiring a hospital bed, both short and long term. Some of the biggest advantages are:

Increased safety

If you’re caring for someone at home or you are recovering from a major injury, falls can become more of a risk. Profiling beds decrease the chances of a patient or a carer from falling and suffering an injury.

The bed rails for profiling beds along with their sturdiness are what predominantly prevents people from falling. The adjustable rails suit the individual needs of each patient both in bed and out, as they can hold onto the rails whilst moving around the bed.

Patients can spend more time at home

If you’re considering a hospital bed rental either after an injury or illness or for end of life care, you’re giving the patient a chance to spend more time at home surrounded by their loved ones.

With a profiling bed installed at home, caregivers are better able to manage health and mobility issues. This reduces the chances of the patient needing to be readmitted to the hospital. For homes with enough space, these beds are portable and can be moved from one room to another.

Improved sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital for both physical and mental health. Health or mobility challenges can make finding a comfortable sleeping position difficult. Hospital beds can combat these problems as they allow the patient to adjust their position easily for a restful night’s sleep.

Different types of beds and mattresses

There are many types of beds and mattresses available. They have different features, so what you choose will depend upon your individual requirements. Features include:

Fully electric

Woburn Community Profiling Bed
Woburn Community Profiling Bed


Fully electric beds allow patients to control every movement via a remote control. They do not require a hand crank to change the height, so those with limited mobility can independently adjust the bed themselves. They also make it easier for caregivers to change sheets and tend to patients. 

Low profiling

Woburn Community Low Profiling Bed
Woburn Community Low Profiling Bed


Low profiling beds are designed to be closer to the floor to reduce falls and injury risk. They also allow people to get in and out of the bed with a little more ease.

There are many other types of hospital beds such as bariatric profiling beds, wide profiling beds and ultra low profiling beds.

Pressure mattresses

Sandringham High Risk Pressure Mattress with Pump 1
Sandringham High Risk Pressure Mattress with Pump 1


Pressure mattresses are designed to heighten the comfort of those suffering from pressure sores. These sores can arise after being stationary or in bed for a long time, something that people with mobility challenges are more likely to experience. Pressure mattresses can be purchased (or rented) from very high-risk, to high-risk, to basic risk level, and they provide increased support to the head and body to reduce stress on pressure points.  Pressure mattresses range from basic foam mattresses to alternating dynamic mattress systems which can be controlled by a digital pump.

Adjustable back support

Adjustable Back Support

Adjustable back supports are for patients who require additional backrests and for those who generally want a little more comfort. They’re portable and light so can be used when in or out of bed.

Why are hospital bed rentals so important?

Profiling beds make the lives of patients and their carers more comfortable, safe and convenient. A hospital bed can help someone to retain their independence whilst protecting them from accidental falls.

Hiring the right hospital bed gives both patients and carers peace of mind, which means a better night’s sleep for everyone.

Equipment such as this can be expensive, so you want to make sure that the product is right for you before spending the money. Renting a profiling bed gives the user an opportunity to try the bed before buying.

Are you reluctant to travel or stay away from home due to a lack of mobility equipment? Why not rent a profiling bed and get it delivered to a location of your choice?


If you are looking to rent a hospital bed or hire other mobility products such as a mobility scooter a wheelchair or even rent a patient hoist to make life just a little easier, feel free to visit our online Mobility Store or contact us on

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