About Us


After our child was born with severe disabilities, my wife and I decided that we would attempt to carry on life as “normal”.  Whilst doing the regular things – such as taking our son on holidays, going to the park, visiting museums, taking him to parties etc – has been lots of fun for him (and us), it certainly has not always been easy!

Strive Mobility was created as a result of us personally experiencing difficulties with searching for, as well as travelling with mobility aids when away from home.  We’ve come across some of the challenges that those with a disability face when trying to get out and about and enjoy day to day life and it is these challenges which have inspired us to share some of our experiences and assist in providing a solution for others in a similar position.

Wherever* you, or someone you care for, need mobility products, Strive Mobility are here to help.  We hope that we can make at least some aspects of your day to day travel experience easier – and hence more enjoyable – by offering you an opportunity to hire a range of mobility products online, so that they are available for you to use at your destination.

Why Rent?

  • Short term requirement: Do you have an injury and need to hire a wheelchair to help while you recover?  Or do you have a guest staying with you temporarily that requires mobile disability hoist or profiling bed?
  • The cost of buying equipment is not always cheap, so why not try before you buy?
  • Maybe you don’t want to take your own equipment with you to your destination but need to rent a mobility scooter or other mobility aids while there?
  • Flexibility: Rent mobility products on a short or long term basis (with discounts available on many products for long term hire)

Whenever or wherever* you need to hire mobility aids, Strive Mobility is here for you.  Start booking now by clicking here: Mobility Store.


* For the time being, we are only delivering within mainland Britain, Morocco and the UAE