Manual, Lightweight, Folding Wheelchair

£3.00 per day

The Spirit wheelchair uses the latest in design to produce an elegant yet highly practical wheelchair

  • Attractive colourful frame
  • One touch adjustable armrests
  • Tension adjustable backrest

* Minimum cost is 14 days rental *

* £100 deposit is fully refundable (subject to Terms and Conditions) *

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Security Deposit : £100.00



* The frame is constructed from lightweight aluminium for durability and responsiveness

  • One-touch adjustable armrests for easy transfer and comfort
  • Folding frame with removable footrests and half-folding back mechanism for easy storage and transportation
  • Height adjustable footrests swing in and out to enable transfers on and off chair, whilst one touch adjustable armrests facilitate side transfers
  • Padded nylon seat and back cushions and a tension adjustable backrest for added comfort
  • Solid puncture proof front and rear tyres provide durability and low maintenance
  • Attendant or user accessible parking brakes on rear wheels ensure safety
  • Rear stepper tubes with integrated height adjustable anti-tip wheels facilitate safe curb-climbing for both attendant and independent user
  • Quick release rear wheels for easy storage and transportation
  • Max Weight Capacity: 115kg (18st)
  • Seat Height/Width/Length: 48cm/45cm/40cm (19″/18″/16″)
  • Chair Height/Width/Length: 91cm/71cm/97cm (36″/28″/38″)
  • Weight: 15kg

* above description taken from Drive DeVilbiss website