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Raising Money for NHS Charities Together

This is the last day (1 April 2020) for us to raise £10,000 or more, as per below – please donate just £5 and forward this on to your contacts and ask them to donate if they can.

Whilst many of us are working in a safe environment at home, our amazing NHS staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to care for COVID-19 patients. And we want them to know that we are here for them. We are so proud and in awe of NHS staff and volunteers as they work tirelessly to save lives! This means staying away from their homes and families, working day and night, to treat as many people as possible in need of care.

As NHS staff and volunteers look after COVID-19 patients in their greatest hour of need, we can help take care of the well-being of our NHS people.

If we can donate just £5 each and then forward this message on to everyone in our contact lists who also donate £5, I am sure that together we can reach our target by 1st April 2020.

But we have only 5 days to raise £10,000 for the brave staff and volunteers at the NHS so please donate just £5 now! If by the 1st April we have not reached our target, I will make up the difference.

Donations can:

1) Fund well-being packs/gifts for staff and volunteers on wards/departments (this could include food deliveries, high energy/protein bars/drinks, snacks, refreshments, wash kits, overnight stay kits.)

2) Cost of travel, parking, accommodation for NHS staff and volunteers Volunteer expenses

3) Other items as requested by NHS Charities that enhance the well-being of NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.