Very High Risk Profiling Mattress & Pump – Scotland only

£13.00 per day

Very High Risk Profiling Mattress Hire in Scotland

A high specification foam interface offers a comfortable and effective pressure redistributing surface for patients at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers, and for those with superficial skin damage.  The foam is specifically cut for effective contouring, microclimate management and pressure redistribution.

Minimum cost is 14 days rental *

* £20 deposit will be fully refunded if product is returned on time and in good condition *

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Security Deposit : £20.00


Very High Risk Profiling Mattress & Pump Hire in Scotland


Clinically proven hybrid technology – The Softform Premier Active 2 hybrid mattress replacement system delivers optimal therapy at the touch of a button.  The clinically proven interface of the Softform Premier foam mattress combined with active alternating air cells beneath, provides both prevention and treatment of severe pressure ulcers.

The comfortable patient interface ensures that therapy is delivered without compromise and a step-up of support surface is provided without disturbance.

With the simple addition of the Active 2 RX power unit, the Softform Premier Active 2 mattress transforms into a dynamic therapeutic support surface, offering additional levels of pressure redistribution.

Hybrid Technology
The combination of a high specification castellated foam interface and specially designed bow shaped air cells produce a comfortable support surface which enhances pressure redistribution and is suitable for all patient groups.  Hybrid therapy is suitable for all requirements, from intact skin to severe pressure ulcers.  With the addition or removal of the RX power unit the therapy delivered to the patient can be quickly stepped-up or down, dependent on risk level and patient needs.

  • High specification castellated foam surface
  •  Active air therapy when required
  •  Clinically proven for all categories of pressure ulcers
  • Strikethrough resistant (SRT) cover
  • Suitable for very high risk patients
  • Crib 5 fire retardant cover
  • Max Weight Capacity: 247.6kg (39st)
  • H/W/L: 15.2cm/88cm/200cm

Rent this profiling mattress in and around Scotland together with the Medley Ergo Profiling Bed