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Renting mobility equipment just got easier – will be live soon

It is well established that disabled people tend to travel less than those without a disability – this is often, due to the lack of suitable facilities at their destination; whether that’s a lack of suitable accommodation or just not enough mobility equipment (wheelchairs, hoists, mobility scooters etc), it is our goal at Strive Mobility, to try and make day to day life and travel – for anyone with a disability – just that much easier.

As parents of a disabled child, we share some of the challenges that many disabled people face when travelling.  Getting from A to B in itself can be difficult, so having the additional burden of travelling with, what is often, bulky equipment can be that much harder.  Should i take my mobility scooter with me?  Will my wheelchair fit on the train?  Will the hotel have a profiling bed?  How will i get from the station to my apartment?

It is these type of challenges that inspired us to provide what will hopefully be a solution for many others in the same position.  We want travelling – whether it’s a day out or a holiday abroad – to be as stress free as possible and hence, are providing our users with an opportunity to have mobility products delivered directly to where they need them, rather than worrying about how they’ll get themselves and the equipment there.

Whilst i’m hoping that readers of this will never have a need for mobility aids, we just don’t know what’s around the corner.  There might come a time when you or a family member have had an accident and require a wheelchair on a short term basis to help while you recover; alternatively, you may have a guest with limited mobility staying with you, and he/she needs a portable hoist.  Also, many of us have had friends or family come from overseas for hospital treatment, but they then don’t have access to the mobility aids they need once they’ve left hospital.  Purchasing this type of equipment is expensive, especially if only needed for a short time and that’s why renting can be more efficient.

If in the unfortunate event you or anyone you know, ever have a short term need for a bath lift, a hoist, a mobility scooter or even a profiling bed, why not rent it online at Strive Mobility.  We are currently delivering to mainland Britain only, but our long term goal is to provide you with the same quality service in as many countries as possible, so watch this space…. is your one stop shop for hiring mobility equipment; but if you’re looking to purchase any mobility products or lifestyle aids, click on:

We know that the website still needs some work but we felt that it was important to get our message out there and to provide a solution sooner, rather than later.  We will continue to do our best to make sure that is constantly improving in order to provide our users with the best user experience possible, however if you have any feedback about any aspect of the website, please let us know by clicking here: Contact Us

In the meantime, I would like to thank those of you that have made this site possible, especially all at